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Ted Stevens: North to Alaska

Indicted Sen. Ted Stevens is trying to move the site of his upcoming corruption trial from Washington, D.C. to (surprise!) Alaska in order to procure the potential of some home-field advantage.

The Justice Department isn’t keen on the idea, considering that almost everything it needs for a successful prosecution is here in the District. In the government’s opposition to Stevens’ motion for a change of venue, filed Monday, DOJ lawyers write:

If this case is transferred to the District of Alaska, the following must travel to Alaska for
trial: the Judge and his staff, the defendant, defense counsel, much of the evidence, the witnesses from Washington, D.C., and the witnesses from other jurisdictions. If the case remains in the District of Columbia, where the crimes took place and the indictment was properly returned, the government’s witnesses from Alaska and other states must travel, at no expense to themselves. Accordingly, Stevens’ motion should be denied.

Even more interesting, the government is protesting a move to Alaska, because Stevens, who is up for reelection, is using the charges against him as a campaign issue.

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