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BREAKING NEWS: Favre just wants to play football

Multiple sources are now confirming that Brett Favre is really just a boy at heart, playing a boy’s game. That, of course, can be the only reason he turned down $20 million from the Packers to stay retired. This is like an ex-lover paying you to stay away, which, actually, does happen, I suppose.

The blog Pufferfish just wants Our Long National Nightmare to end. But there is no sign of that. ESPN is reporting this morning that the Packers could even consider trading the Gunslinger to Minnesota or, gasp, Chicago.

Will this put my beloved Chicago media into frothing overdrive. You had better believe it, cheesehead.

And can I just add this. Does anyone actually remember the Packers’ final possession in the NFC Championship Game?

“Make it work! Make it work!”

There is actually a whole YouTube subgenre dedicated to this pass:

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