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Obama on crime: Doing the Willie Horton?


WASHINGTON — Few presidential candidates in modern times have been identified with a large urban area likeBarack Obama is with Chicago. And sometimes, that can present a problem.

This election season, for instance, the residents of Obama’s hometown are being murdered at a clip not seen in five years.  

Murders have risen 18 percent over a year ago. Assaults in the city involving guns are also rising. City officials, Police Supt. Jody Weis and the police force are increasingly coming under criticism.

But some Republicans say part of the blame also lies with Obama.

They argue that while serving Illinois as its junior senator and earlier, when the Democratic candidate for president was a state lawmaker, Obama didn’t do enough to make violent crime a priority. Specifically, they point to Obama’s votes over gun legislation and the death penalty.

“Whether it was voting against or voting present on issues related to stricter penalties on offenders of serious crimes or disallowing citizens to exercise their right to self-defense, Obama demonstrated poor judgment on an important issue to his constituents,” said Danny Diaz, a spokesman for the Republican National Committee.

But Obama’s campaign says the link between Obama’s votes and violent crime is specious, and that Obama has actually done more to effectively combat urban violence than his Republican opponent, John McCain, who it says has consistently resisted federal efforts to place more police officers on the streets and voted against banning vest-piercing, or so-called cop-killer, bullets.

“John McCain voted to keep cop-killer bullets on the street and opposed the bipartisan crime bills of the early ’90s that led to the hiring of thousands of police officers and helped communities stay safe—a record that he will have to explain,” said Obama spokesman Ben LaBolt.

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Ted Stevens: North to Alaska

Indicted Sen. Ted Stevens is trying to move the site of his upcoming corruption trial from Washington, D.C. to (surprise!) Alaska in order to procure the potential of some home-field advantage.

The Justice Department isn’t keen on the idea, considering that almost everything it needs for a successful prosecution is here in the District. In the government’s opposition to Stevens’ motion for a change of venue, filed Monday, DOJ lawyers write:

If this case is transferred to the District of Alaska, the following must travel to Alaska for
trial: the Judge and his staff, the defendant, defense counsel, much of the evidence, the witnesses from Washington, D.C., and the witnesses from other jurisdictions. If the case remains in the District of Columbia, where the crimes took place and the indictment was properly returned, the government’s witnesses from Alaska and other states must travel, at no expense to themselves. Accordingly, Stevens’ motion should be denied.

Even more interesting, the government is protesting a move to Alaska, because Stevens, who is up for reelection, is using the charges against him as a campaign issue.

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BREAKING NEWS: Brett Favre heals rift in space-time continuum


Whew. That was close. Thank goodness he was reinstated!

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‘Ah know you got that body in there somewhere!’

"I've got my mind set on you . . . ."

"I've got my mind set on you . . . ."

A Florida judge is allowing a wrongful death suit against cable talker/prosecutor/inquisitor Nancy Grace to go forward 

Grace and CNN are being sued by the family of Melinda Duckett, who appeared on Grace’s show in 2006 after her son Trenton disappeared. Grace, as her wont, questioned Duckett, 21, aggressively and wondered why she refused to take a lie detector test.

Those questions caused Duckett extreme mental distress, the lawsuit alleges. Duckett shot herself before the pre-taped interview was aired.

CNN and Grace went ahead and broadcast the interview on the air after the suicide, an act that Duckett’s family caused severe emotional distress. 

Lawyers for Grace and CNN argued that allowing the suit to proceed would produce a “chilling effect” on newsgathering.

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BREAKING NEWS: Favre just wants to play football

Multiple sources are now confirming that Brett Favre is really just a boy at heart, playing a boy’s game. That, of course, can be the only reason he turned down $20 million from the Packers to stay retired. This is like an ex-lover paying you to stay away, which, actually, does happen, I suppose.

The blog Pufferfish just wants Our Long National Nightmare to end. But there is no sign of that. ESPN is reporting this morning that the Packers could even consider trading the Gunslinger to Minnesota or, gasp, Chicago.

Will this put my beloved Chicago media into frothing overdrive. You had better believe it, cheesehead.

And can I just add this. Does anyone actually remember the Packers’ final possession in the NFC Championship Game?

“Make it work! Make it work!”

There is actually a whole YouTube subgenre dedicated to this pass:

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