What can we do to make this sitcom a little different?

I’ve read where Hello Larry has been described as an Internet “phenomenon.” One of the things the net has done has really cheapened that word.

Anyway, I am old enough to remember this show and it was no phenomenon. It was, instead, McLean Stevenson’s second attempt to prove to the world that he made the right decision leaving M*A*S*H, an endeavor that was doomed to failure. So doomed that not even the presence of the adorable Kim Richards could save it.

Two things about Kim Richards.

1) They are re-making Escape to Witch Mountain. 

2) She is, shockingly, Paris Hilton’s aunt.

Anyway, watch the Season 2 open for Hello Larry. After an undistinguished first season, the show’s producers were obviously scratching their heads wondering how to make give their standard-issue sitcom some buzz. If you make it to the end of the clip, I think you’ll agree that they succeeded. They also ensured there would be no third season.


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