Pressing the RESET button

Hell, if John McCain can do it a couple of dozen times, why can’t I?

We’re going to give this thing another shot. We’ve had our forensic folks pore over the bare bones of the first incarnation of this blog and they’ve given us a fairly damning report of why it has failed to rock Technorati and otherwise bring the Internet to its virtual knees. 

For one thing, I sort of, along the way, well, stopped doing it, which pretty much alienated the seven people who had bookmarked it in the first place.

For another, you know, there are a zillion legal blogs. There’s a zillion blogs of every kind. For instance handmade artificial flowers. And that is not a band name. Although it’s not bad.

The other point is that I think I have come to terms that I ain’t Linda Greenhouse. And if you know what I mean, then you know what I mean. Which is not to say I don’t love and appreciate the law. I do. I’ve been around it my whole life. I’ve spent most of my career either practicing it or writing about it. I’ve just never been particularly good at sounding like I’m walking down the side of a mountain with a tablet in my hand. 

For example, I doubt very much Linda Greenhouse would post the theme song to Hello Larry. Which I’m going to do in about two minutes.

So the idea is to relax, to post things that interest me. That’s what blogs are right, about a community of the self-interested, people hoping to find common ground. That’s the hope.

At any rate, the traffic can only go up.


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