Barack Obama and Justice Stevens: Common Ground

Here’s an article that was published this week in the Tribune about Justice John Paul Stevens.

That’s the concept. Hello Larry and Justice Stevens, side by side. Hello Internet phenomenon.



by James Oliphant

Washington Bureau

As South Siders go, they could scarcely be more different.

One born and bred in the city of Chicago, whose roots reach so deep that he attended the 1932 World Series at Wrigley Field, and his family once owned the downtown hotel now known as the Hilton and Towers. The other a relative transplant, a product of Kenya and Kansas, Indonesia and Hawaii, who has become the city’s adopted son.

But it’s entirely possible that Justice John Paul Stevens‘ future could be linked to that of Sen. Barack Obama. If Obama wins the presidency next month, the 88-year-old Stevens, who has served on the Supreme Court for more than 30 years, could finally retire and allow Obama to choose his successor.

If that should occur, Stevens’ long tenure on the high court would be book-ended by two transformative moments in American history. He was named to the court following the Watergate scandal that forced Richard Nixon from office. And he would leave after the election of the first African-American president.

His departure would also offer Obama the opportunity to slow, if not reverse, the court’s conservative drift by replacing an aging member of the court’s liberal wing with a fresh face poised to do battle with such justices as John Roberts and Samuel Alito.

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