DOUBLETAKE: A conspiracy of silence?



Welcome to Doubletake, your daily dose of the morning news brought to you by Tribune correspondents Jim (“word to your mother”) Tankersley and James Oliphant. No avatars were harmed in the making of this feature.

Jim Tankersley: A beautiful August morning to you.

Jim Oliphant:  Very unseasonable. I had the windows open last night. I guess those global warming cranks had better find another cause.

Tankersley: It’s the sort of day that makes you wish you were on vacation. You’ve got to hand it to the French — they may fade in the final seconds of a 4 by 100 relay, but they pioneered the art of collectively taking August off. It’s a national tradition there.

Oliphant:  Every August I vow to be out of Washington and every August I’m here. I guess it’s time to find another vow. Or another month.

Tankersley: On the other hand, think of what you’d be missing. You wouldn’t have learned yesterday that the media “cone of silence” around John Edwards’ affair kept Hillary Clinton from winning Iowa, the Democratic nomination and, presumably, the White House.

Oliphant: Howard Wolfson, Clinton’s former spokesman, suggested as much Monday, saying the MSM (that would be us) laid off Edwards in a way of course he implied it never did with Hillary.

The Clinton camp has sure gotten over it, hasn’t it?

Read the rest at The Swamp.


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