Chicago judge on fast track?

The WSJ Law Blog cites a St. Louis Post-Dispatch profile of U.S. District Court Judge Amy St. Eve, 42, who, the piece speculates, could be in line for an appeals job sooner rather than later–and someday perhaps (audience gasps) the Supreme Court.

St. Eve, appointed to the bench by President Bush in 2002 when she was just 36, presided over the Conrad Black trial earlier this year and is soon set to sentence political fixer Tony Rezko to some time in the slam.

However, if Barack Obama, not John McCain, is elected president, St. Eve’s ascension could be place on hold for quite some time. Lucky for her, she’s young. And she has a lifetime appointment. Bush administration judge-pickers have been consistent in their approach, choosing young judges who, over the test of time, slowly rise up through the ranks of the judiciary. Think of John Roberts and Samuel Alito, both young lawyers in the Reagan administration.

Here is the St. Louis P-D piece.


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