The rant: Welcome to password Hell

My last line of defense.

My last line of defense.

I am sure that you, like me, have a bevy of passwords for everything. But now, it’s really beginning to drive me a little, well, bonkers.

Why? Because with modern security procedures, not only do your passwords need to contain a number and not only do they need to be regularly updated, but the new password you choose when you updated cannot be related to your old password. Which means you constantly have to come up with new mnemonic devices that you cannot possibly keep straight. 

The result: I now have, oh, I don’t know, 27 variations on three passwords themes I have chosen at various aspects of my life. So each time I have to remember a password, I have to recreate in my mind the exact moment in time when I picked it in the first place. Was this when I was using Bambi25 or Corleone12?

What usually happens? I can’t get it right, enter the wrong password multiple times and then get locked out of the web site.  

The only solution? Write down a master list of passwords, which is the very thing that you are not supposed to do. 

Does internet security serve us, or do we serve it?

I know. I know. Everyone is afraid of identity theft. Let me say this: I would love for someone to steal my identity. Go right ahead. Walk a mile in these moccasins, brother.

That is all.


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