They wanna live the Scrabulous life


"Really? Pud? That's all you got?"

"Really? Pud? That's all you got?"



If you care, you know already.

The popular Facebook application Scrabulous was yanked from the social networking site Tuesday after the owners of Scrabble filed an infringement lawsuit against its creators last week.

Legally, it must have appeared to the two brothers from India who created the game that they had no chance of prevailing. Their game looked, tasted and smelled like Scrabble. This was another situation of entrepreneurs figuring out the online market before large companies. (See also: Newspapers.) 

But once the lawyers get involved, it’s S-A-Y-O-N-A-R-A. (11 points. You think it would be more.)

This is also why you can’t dress like Goofy for your kid’s birthday party. No matter how much you want to.

I was a slow convert to Scrabulous. But enjoyed it. My final stats were 7 up and 3 down, with 2 games active. But I was in the middle of getting my lunch money taken away yet again by the dreaded Dawn, a Scrabulous monster who uses words like ZOON and QI, and then has the nerve to tell you what they mean after you accuse her of cheating. So she first beats you and then she makes you look like an idiot.

Won’t miss that, actually. But I will miss Scrabulous.

Hasbro, the owner of Scrabble in North America, wants you to play its new game on Facebook. But this may be a situation of the operation being a success but the patient dying. 

Here are some recent comments on the site:

OMG just because hasbro wants their piece of the pie? Who really cares it isn’t called scrabble hasbro, its scrabulous!

i wish i never learned to read!!!!!!!

Why, O why can’t I play Srcabulous anymore, just because I am Canadian????????? WHYYYYYYYYY? (I miss it dearly…)

Okay, so it aint exactly Milton. (More Milton Bradley.) But these people aren’t happy. And an aside to the last commenter. Yes, it’s because you are Canadian.

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