Greetings, first commenter!

Writ Large has its first comment. 

One Dwayne Abel writes:

Typical of politicians. They realize that by keeping this tied up in the courts it effectively prolongs the ban. Why not, it is our money instead of theirs that is paying for it. Taxpayers get stuck with both bills and the courts just enjoy the game.

Dwayne, welcome. Can you tell us–is that what Magellan felt like when he reached the Pacific Ocean? That sense of thrill, of wonder, of a thirst that you never even knew you had being quenched?

Or maybe, just maybe, it was more like this:

Dwayne, for being our brave pioneer, you will receive an official autographed photo from Writ Large‘s celebrity representative, Ray Liotta.


Ray, uh, doesn’t really know about this yet. Give us a couple of days to get in touch with his people. We’ve heard he’s got a bit of a temper.


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